Participating in GSoC 2020 with DigiKam

I’m really excited to announce that my proposal for participating in GSoC 2020 with DigiKam has been accepted! I would like to thank the developers for considering me worthy of this opportunity.

I came to know about KDE during December 2019, when Season of KDE was announced. Even though my proposals for SoK were rejected, I’m glad I didn’t lose hope! I spent the months of January and February getting used to compiling from source, and the GitLab workflow. I learnt many lessons along the way, such as how copy pasting any command you find on StackOverflow into your terminal, can sometimes be disastrous.

DigiKam is a photo managing software, which does a lot more than just group your photographs. The latest version provides an impressive Facial Recognition utility, which makes use of Deep Neural Networks to automatically detect and recognize faces. My project aims to improve the workflow of the Facial Detection and Recognition process, in order to make the overall experience much better for the user.

The official coding period begins from June 1, however I may have to start with my project before that. Due to the current global situation, my university was forced to shift examinations to early July. This interferes with the timeline I had proposed initially, however I’m determined to make things work.

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